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✅ SAVOR THE PREMIUM QUALITY OF CEYLON: CCL’s USDA pure organic certified black pepper has been hand-picked fresh at the height of ripeness for maximum savor and taste from the exotic island that started the craze for the spice trade so you can enjoy all of the health benefits that come from this proven spice locked in mylar foil bags.

✅ WOW, YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS with the difference that comes from using only freshly ground pepper. Why settle for tasteless powder and stale peppercorns when you can whip up tasty dishes in a jiffy from boiled asparagus in spicy orange juice to crusted juicy sirloin steak to sensual vanilla, chocolate, and black pepper ice cream!

✅ NO NEED TO SCRUPLE ABOUT PESTICIDES, GLUTEN, OR ALLERGENS! We live for our customers & respect your needs! This is why ALL of Coconut Country Living’s products come into NO contact with gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, or GMOs. Your black pepper is packaged only with other organic spices in an approved facility.

✅ FEEL GOOD ABOUT SUPPORTING OUR ORGANIC FARMERS & LABORERS: Now more than ever it is important to help those who labor to get us the superior fruits of the earth with a living wage. We are happy to add your black pepper to our line of fair-trade certified products which are all USDA organic certified.

✅ SAVE MONEY WHILE GETTING SUPERB ENTREES FROM AN AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR. Enjoy the benefits of freshly ground black pepper which goes MUCH farther than ground-up pepper that’s been sitting around for YEARS & get mouth-watering “black gold” recipes from Kindle best-seller Michael DiSalvo: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.


Are there HUNGRY barbarians at your kitchen gates? Do you WONDER why the legendary search for spices became so savage? The answer is no further than this “black gold” from the wonderful island of Ceylon. Tasty enough to persuade Atila to free the Roman citizens, yet valuable enough to be preferred to gold in the 16th century. Use this amazing spice well, & YOU TOO will make peace with these “better than gold” black peppercorn balls. Coconut Country Living, striving in its mission to heal the world through tasty superfoods, has acquired a small batch of these black peppercorns for grinders TO FIT ANY DELECTABLE OCCASION, from sumptuous Caesar salad to gustatory guacamole to juicy chicken cutlets & pepper-crusted filet mignon.

But don’t forget the SUPERIOR HEALTH BENEFITS fresh black pepper provides! From pain and respiratory relieving power to immune system boosting antioxidants and minerals, these corns with deep pepper taste & earth tones have potassium for heart health, calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth, and carminative properties to ease digestion. And don’t forget pepper’s magic compound piperine to boost bioavailability & effectiveness of turmeric 2000%! WORKING OUT? Fresh pepper helps oxygenate the whole body, keeping blood vessels pliable and lungs clear with its anti-inflammation action.

So whether you are ready to make the most of your marinade or want to ENLIVEN YOUR SENSES with its rich long-lasting aroma, pick up CCL’s gluten-free & fair trade certified organic black peppercorns to MAKE YOUR KITCHEN COMPLETE. Click the yellow ADD TO CART button above and look out for Black Gold, the Lost Kitchen Treasure: Healthy Scrumptious Recipes with Black Pepper, a complimentary e-book to help you get the most from this fine delicacy. Order one or two now while we’re still in stock: YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED!

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