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✅ Organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder ground fresh and packed in a mylar foil bag for freshness. Imported from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), carrying CCL’s “Beyond Organic” promise, non-GMO, non- irradiated gluten & allergen-free, for wise consumers who value purity.

✅ Treat Yourself to the finest quality USDA Certified Organic non-GMO Ceylon real cinnamon powder from Ceylon cinnamon sticks with ultra-low coumarin (2-5 ppm), knowing that this powder, which has been treasured the same as gold, with its natural sweetness complimenting so many recipes while boosting your health in so many ways.

✅ Enjoy the light scent of the true cinnamon, with a mildly sweet taste, with your favorite organic coffee, tea, oatmeal, cider, baked goods, applesauce, or with raw honey, cocoa, cacao, or maca powder or make your own cinnamon supplement capsules.

✅ Real Cinnamon being the preferred spice of diabetics for tea, cinnamon’s regulatory effect on blood sugar increases insulin levels in the body to help metabolize glucose, reducing fat storage to lose weight.

✅ Use it as an amazing but healthy sugar alternative substitute to stop cravings and get our complimentary e-book The History of True Cinnamon and Its Life-Changing Benefits to put it to maximum use.

    So, is the craze about Ceylon Cinnamon valid? To understand better this wonderful spice, let’s go back to the beginning when Ayurvedic doctors discovered it. These specialists knew the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates that your food should be your medicine. As news began to spread throughout the world of the flavor, lightly sweet scent and vitality are given by true cinnamon, prices for this precious spice began to rise: so much so that its price per ounce surpassed that of even gold. Eventually, sailors from the West happily circumnavigated the globe to get an easy route to this spice and to get to some for themselves, risking even life itself.

    Enter 2018 and CCL. Having roots in the ancient “Garden of Spices”, our family shares this treasure harvested, processed, packed, and imported in an allergen-free (no gluten, soy, peanuts, GMOs, etc) facility from the beautiful island of Ceylon with you! So, what IS the excitement about Ceylon cinnamon? The health benefits and its powerful uses are simply innumerable, and taking cinnamon is fun and easy! Its uses start in food, drink, and even cosmetics, and its combination with raw honey can clear up skin issues, coughs, and even help regulate healthy cholesterol levels! Try it in your favorite hot beverage, in baked goods, in blank capsules as a supplement,

    To make your health odyssey easy, we offer you our complimentary e-book The History of True Cinnamon and Its Life-Changing Benefits (in a follow-up email) to help guide you to getting the most from this precious gift. So, don’t delay! Order your organic Ceylon cinnamon powder in bulk today by clicking the yellow Add to Cart button above while we are still in stock, or grab an extra bag for your freezer so you don't run out during that very special occasion!

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