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✅ FRESHLY HARVESTED REAL CEYLON CINNAMON STICKS AND FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED, imported from Ceylon, carrying CCL’s “Beyond Organic” guarantee, non-GMO, packaged in a gluten and allergen-free dedicated cinnamon only facility in mylar foil bags for maximum taste and potency.

✅ GRATE YOUR OWN & TASTE THE FINEST LUXURY with fresh cinnamon and get important nutrients your body badly needs at the same time, like manganese for healthy joints and bones, proper calcium absorption, thyroid functioning, and carb metabolizing.

✅ LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD with your new powers to whip up cinnamon essence in a splash! Make your own cinnamon extract and wield the awesome power to not only deal with tough foot issues but also to drizzle cinnamon syrup to the crowd’s delight!

✅ BOOST YOUR ENERGY WITH THIS AWAKENING SPICE: Authentic Ceylon cinnamon has been scientifically proven to offer real health benefits to those seeking weight loss, desiring heart health, or controlling blood sugar issues, with its ability to lower LDL while not harming HDL.

WHY DO THE FINEST CHEFS IN THE WORLD COVET THIS CULINARY DELIGHT From our family to yours, CCL brings you the finest Ceylon cinnamon quills (sticks) that liven up any occasion. ENJOY THE AMAZING BENEFITS of freshly ground cinnamon or the aromatic extract of this exquisite spice. Be energized by the nutrient we tend to be most deficient in MANGANESE. Vital in its role of healthy cholesterol for the brain, carb and protein metabolization, and joint mobility, it will help you absorb nutrients, maximize your digestive health, and fight against dangerous pathogens. Ceylon cinnamon’s other benefits from regulating blood sugar, so you can lose weight and make it count, all while supporting farmers with this fair trade product. This fine but rare variety of cinnamon dazzles with its subtle, complex flavors. Try a stick with our organic turmeric in rice, for a colorful, hearty meal, and a fragrant aroma. Enjoy the masterpieces of the world's greatest chefs with crème brûlée, with its multi-layered flavors of refined sophistication. But don't stop there! Think teas, coffees, and the most refreshing hydrating lime drink. LIKE SWEET? These sticks are the only way you can create the decadent desserts made so famous from the cinnamon syrup. NOW YOU CAN MASTER EVERYTHING from ice cream, pancakes, and fruit salad toppings, to the most exquisite rum and cocktail libations. Yet the fine foods your family, friends, and guests will devour are just the beginning. This is why best-selling Kindle author Michael DiSalvo has included his latest e-guide FAVORITE CEYLON CINNAMON STICK DESSERTS AND CRAFTS so you can share these healthy traditions with your own family. So don't delay. To get this special package at this low introductory price, click the yellow ADD TO CART button above. Supplies are limited, so don't miss out on these tiny treasures. Thank you for shopping, and pick up these guilt-free luxuries for you and a friend (or your freezer!) today!

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