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✅ CCL’s raw hand-picked WHOLE CLOVES, ORGANIC, NON-IRRADIATED and FAIR TRADE, packed fresh from a Ceylon farm in a glass bottle in a dedicated spice only facility to separate the tender clove buds from allergens, gluten, and GMOs, having CCL’s simply “Beyond Organic” promise, while being gluten-free.

✅ SPICE UP YOUR KITCHEN: Clove’s versatility in cooking and healing is hard to match, with its flavor and potency being treasured throughout history. Enjoy its warm, sweet biting flavor that brings life to not only savory dishes like curries, dressings, and marinades, but also in spice blends for hot beverages, delectable pies, and delicious cookies.

✅ FRESHEN YOUR HOME: Rid yourself of unsafe products while inviting the delightful scent of aromatic bliss. By freshly grinding your cloves you can make not only your own mouthwash or tooth powders for mouth and gum wellness but also your own delightful spiced scrub, natural foot powder, natural cleaner, or even intoxicating potpourri.

✅ TREASURED GIFTS: Whether you want to use this rare and famous spice for the aroma of orange pomander, spice sachets, spice mixes, or homemade apple butter, are potent organic clove buds are the gift that keeps giving. And please enjoy your complimentary e-book follow-up: HIDDEN TREASURES OF CLOVE for other gifting ideas and gourmet goods for lasting memories.

✅ A COMPANY WITH A MISSION: CCL is not only dedicated to bringing you the freshest spices and coconut products for the vitality of life but is helping to heal the world and environment through tasty superfoods. Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Check out our other reviews for what these amazing spices have done in the lives of our customers.


500 years ago, a sailor lost over 90% of his men and 80% of his ships as he circumnavigated the globe. But few understand that it was actually the TREASURE TROVE OF CLOVE in that surviving vessel that brought REAL fame to Magellan.

People then were no fools. Why pay its weight in gold for these dried clove buds? From their healing power to their amazing aroma and flavor in cooking, ancients savored the wonder of CLOVES.

Here in Coconut Country, we aren’t ones to mess with Mother Nature, so we’ve hand-picked these FAIR TRADE ORGANIC CLOVE at the peak of ripeness and locked them in mylar foil bags to preserve this precious gift since our mission to heal the world through tasty superfoods.

ENJOY THIS EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR from anything from chicken biryani with fragrant rice and hot apple-cranberry cider to clove snaps with orange zest, and mulled wine, and coffee figs. FEELING WEAK? Let clove's purifying uses, including healthy regulation of blood sugar, INVIGORATING effects on the body, and SOOTHING effect on soreness and stomach distress comfort you.

But don’t just think your clove can only help at mealtime and with health. REFRESH YOUR HOME with homemade potpourri and natural air freshener, and SPICE UP your love life with your own DYI clove oil, powerful for libido-boosting and intimate moments.

GIVE THE GIFT OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP: 1000s of years ago the wise of the Orient came to give the most precious herbs to a King. Today you can give similar heartfelt creations like clove snaps, five-spice Chinese rub, and delightful aromatic sachets.

But don’t delay. Click the yellow ADD TO CART button above and look out for your complimentary e-book THE AMAZING HEALING HISTORY OF CLOVE AND ITS MOST ENTICING RECIPES to get all of the clove’s secrets. Order one or two now while we’re still in stock: YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED!

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