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✅ ENJOY 100% PURE COCONUT CREAM CONCENTRATE GUILT FREE with no additives, carrying CCL’s “Beyond Organic” guarantee, packaged in a glass jar in a nut- and gluten-free facility for your safety.

✅ TREAT YOURSELF TO SUPREME TASTE: Something sweet & luscious but good for you? Look no further. Enjoy this delightful addiction not only bread but to make delicious chocolates & savory dishes too!

✅ CHOOSE THE HEALTHY SNACK with the proven benefits of puréed coconut solids, the world’s favorite superfood, with its coming from Nature’s rare lauric acid.

✅ BECOME NEW AGAIN! Love a luxurious mega-bath or to just slather it on your body? CCL’s coconut butter will leave your skin feeling dewy soft and will do wonders for split ends and even cracked lips.

✅ UNLOCK COCONUT BUTTER’S FULL POTENTIAL with our E-book of best recipes to impress your family and friends as you help CCL heal the planet through tasty superfood while changing lives.


After 1000s of rigorous studies proving the benefits of coconut oil, many people assumed the lowly coconut had finally been given it's due after America had neglected a low-carb diet for so long. After millions had fallen prey to all sorts of sugary GMO concoctions that had fostered every sort of disease, the truth came out that the best fats are great for your body. But where the oil became the champion of everyone seeking heart, brain, thyroid, reproductive health, and weight and inflammation management, it really didn’t have a chance against this new superstar of foodies everywhere.

This coconut butter puree is the very meat of the famous coconuts of Sri Lanka. Once you have even a tiny taste, you’ll realize its incredibly rich texture and intense flavor sets it apart from anything you have ever tasted. Amazing versatility. Eat it off a spoon or blend it in coffee or smoothies. Mash it in roasted vegetables and squash, or add it to curries. A “crime” to neglect to dip it in dark chocolate or even making your own chocolate or nut fat bombs? You decide. Even creamed coconut’s more mundane uses will have you think of your meals in a whole new way: spread it on bread or mix with almond butter. Flavor it with a little Ceylon cinnamon or vanilla, or make instant coconut milk by adding water. Or just eat it off the spoon! Don’t forget its beauty uses! Looking for baby soft skin, a clear complexion, silky luxurious hair, or a rejuvenating cleanse,

CCL’s coconut butter will melt away those rough spots and minor wrinkles. And as always, CCL is here for full support. So pick up your own jar as quantities are limited in this introductory shipment. When you do you’ll receive Coconut Butter Recipes: Keto Paleo Savory & Sweet as our special gift to you. So what are you waiting for? Click the yellow ADD TO CART button in the right-hand corner & pick up a jar for you and a loved one. Enjoy!

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